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Linqing Jiuda Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional bearing manufacturer and service provider, after years of development, the company follows the market development trend, the introduction of advanced automatic production lines and testing equipment, the company has a formal professional production base, sophisticated CNC production equipment, perfect quality testing system, in strict accordance with the bearing industry standard production, from the purchase of raw materials to the finished product factory, layers of control, the whole process is in The whole process is under control from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of finished products...


我们的优势 | our dawantages
  • Industry experience

    Industry experience

    With the concept of "quality for survival and innovation for development", the company is constantly improving to provide you with optimized bearing structures and solutions.

  • High cost performance

    High cost performance

    A unique understanding of the customer's working conditions ensures that the equipment meets the customer's requirements in terms of reliability, service life and efficiency in operation.

  • Professional Technical Team

    Professional Technical Team

    The company has a professional technical team that provides a complete set of technical support and options according to the different needs of customers.

  • After Sales Service System

    After Sales Service System

    Save your heart, save your time, save your money after-sales service the whole process of professional service, customer service staff 24 hours at your service.


  • Automotive


    The automotive industry is changing dramatically, driven by environmental...

  • Construction machinery

    Construction machinery

    Construction machinery is mostly active in mountainous and desert areas...

  • Mining machinery

    Mining machinery

    The mining, mineral processing and cement production industries face some...

  • Railway sector

    Railway sector

    Highly reliable bearings for railway trains are important in the process of pre-development...

  • Metallurgical industry

    Metallurgical industry

    There is a wide range of metallurgical equipment, not only for the raw material plant...

  • Agricultural machinery

    Agricultural machinery

    As agricultural machinery is mostly used in muddy water environments...

  • Aircraft sector

    Aircraft sector

    A wide range of aerospace solutions, including bearings for airframe...

  • Machine tools

    Machine tools

    Machine tools are the carrier of advanced manufacturing technology...

  • Medical devices

    Medical devices

    The medical industry has two key requirements the level of hygiene...


The importance of bearing usage environment on operating trajectory
The selection of specifications, dimensions, and accuracy should be based on the location of use, usage conditions, and environmental conditions. Matching with suitable bearings...





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