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The automotive industry is changing dramatically, driven by environmental awareness and stringent emissions regulations. Car and light truck manufacturers must improve engine efficiency, reduce vehicle weight and reduce emissions, and most of these improvements, can be achieved at the component level, and whatever your challenge, our products - from individual seals and bearings to complete powertrain solutions can help you develop low-friction, lightweight, CO2-reducing solutions.

More than 100 to 150 bearings are used in each vehicle, including high-quality wheel bearing units that are small, lightweight and ultra-durable; bearings for engine related components such as water pumps and tensioner bearings that support the continuous evolution of the engine and use advanced technology; bearings for various gearboxes that enable smoother, gentler and less lossy gear changes, and much more. Our systems combine bearings, seals, lubricants and mechatronics to improve the performance of automotive engines by reducing friction and increasing power density, among other factors.

Each customer faces different challenges and therefore requires different solutions. Our expertise in bearings can help, and in addition to many standard products, we offer a wide range of bearings that can be customised to meet exact requirements, making cars safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.

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