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The company has a professional technical team, according to the different needs of customers, such as corrosion resistance, easy to damage and high temperature, loud voice, etc., to provide a full set of technical support and selection program, to guide customers to accurately select the product model, according to customer demand to provide quality all-round supporting solutions, within 24 hours to provide technical support, while helping customers to design selection, to solve the problem of difficult customer selection. According to the characteristics of the application, to provide the best bearing selection program to match the customer's design needs. Suitable bearing selection can provide customers with a better bearing configuration, reducing manufacturing costs for manufacturers and improving the stability and reliability of equipment to provide beneficial support.  

According to the customer's needs, to provide customers with detailed product features, functions, technical solutions consulting, including technical transformation programme consulting, and to provide customers with the necessary technical and commercial documents, to meet customer requirements, design, manufacturing, inspection, product protection, timely delivery of products, timely commissioning and acceptance, to provide customers with "timely delivery, inspection qualified We provide our customers with products that are "delivered on time and tested to perfection". Analyse and optimise existing drive design solutions to improve equipment performance, reduce energy consumption and increase reliability. In conjunction with equipment manufacturers, we use software analysis and relevant application experience to analyse existing completed application designs and optimise their choice of bearing structures and bearing arrangements. To meet their needs for improved equipment performance, reduced energy consumption and increased stability and reliability.

For owner-customers, we provide optimised bearing structure and bearing arrangement solutions to meet their needs for improved performance, reduced energy consumption, increased stability and reliability - reliability, reduced consumption, increased efficiency, full understanding of the difficulties in the transmission system, helping customers to avoid hidden problems in the design or operation of the equipment, and providing timely solutions for customer repairs. Technical training and technical services, regular product tours, the establishment of separate product files for customers, at least once a year customer satisfaction survey, to provide customers with new product information information, and strive to provide customers with a greater degree of quality service to ensure customer satisfaction.

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