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Aircraft sector


A wide range of aerospace solutions, including bearings for airframe structures, aircraft engines and gearboxes, seals and other precision resilient equipment, long life solutions, including maintenance-free bearings, can significantly reduce your customers' operating and maintenance costs.

Aerospace ball and roller bearings must operate reliably in life-saving environments, so selecting the bearing that offers the best performance in aerospace applications is a complex process that requires a thorough understanding of the bearing design, materials, lubricants, operating speeds, temperature limits, manufacturing capabilities and quality requirements. We design and manufacture bearings to meet the needs of the customer's specified application, and each aero-engine product is manufactured using the best quality materials.

The materials used in the bearings are heat treated under tight metallurgical control in smelting furnaces that meet precise standards. Heat treatment of the high temperature and corrosion resistant steels commonly used in aerospace bearings must be carried out in advanced vacuum furnaces with compressed nitrogen quenching and force-fed convection heating treatment techniques, which achieve precise thermal cycling through sophisticated control capabilities. Our quality controllers use cutting-edge surface analysers to determine the straightness and roughness of bearing races, reducing weight, increasing power, longer life and less maintenance.

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