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Machine tools

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Machine tools are the carrier of advanced manufacturing technology and the basic means of production for the equipment industry. They are the basic equipment for the equipment manufacturing industry, mainly for the automotive, military, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, power equipment, railway locomotives, ships and other industries. The machine tool industry is of strategic importance both economically and technologically, and its ability to design equipment and manufacturing processes based on mechanical engineering and digital control technology puts it at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution. As digitalisation becomes a central driving force, exciting opportunities for further automation emerge, and the key objective of optimising overall machine performance, with reliable performance and sustainability at its core, is more important than ever.

The performance of spindle units is critical to the quality of machined parts and machine uptime. Spindle units play a vital role in machining operations and spindle designs range from belt-driven spindles to motor-integrated spindles and are used in a wide variety of machines from high-speed milling to high-load turning operations. Machine performance is being pushed to its limits to maximise output, while at the same time machine operations are becoming more complex and the demand for higher speeds and faster development is making high demands on the core components of the machine, particularly the spindle unit bearings. The bearings offer high running accuracy, high speed performance and high system rigidity, making them ideal for use in machine tool spindle units. At the same time, the bearings are designed to minimise noise, vibration and heat generation.

A wide range of ultra-precision bearing types, series, designs, variants and sizes, combined with optimum design to improve machine performance, machine uptime, speed and accuracy.

In response to recent environmental requirements, we are the first to introduce a grease replenishment system for bearings used in machine tool spindles, and we have made it possible to achieve high speeds that were previously only possible with lubricant lubrication. A wide range of ultra-precision bearing types, series, designs, variants and sizes, combined with optimal design to improve equipment performance, machine uptime, speed and precision.

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