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Medical devices


The medical industry has two key requirements. Firstly, the level of hygiene: the environment and equipment must always be clean, while frequent washing and cleaning agents can lead to premature wear of mechanical components, affecting their service life and operation. Secondly, the performance level of the machine must be accurate and consistent to ensure reliable results, the machine must be robust to withstand heavy loads and must be compact to allow multiple components to be mounted in an enclosed space.

With the development of high-speed, high-precision diagnostic instruments, high demands are placed on the bearings and linear products used for high speed, high precision, high rigidity, low vibration, low noise and maintenance-free operation. In the face of such challenges, new equipment needs to be able to provide faster, safer and more reliable diagnosis and medical treatment, while improving the comfort of patients and operators. In diagnostic imaging systems, not only safety but also low vibration and noise are required for instruments that move with a person on board. Our new products achieve low vibration and noise compared to previous products and, by increasing the load capacity, contribute to the miniaturisation and lightness of the device.

Specially designed bearings to meet the needs of medical devices We can specialise in the design and production of products such as bearings used in medical devices.

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