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Agricultural machinery


As agricultural machinery is mostly used in muddy water environments and heavy-duty working conditions, there is a higher demand for foreign body resistance and long life. Size, location, altitude, climate, soil structure and crop rotations make each farm unique and agricultural equipment needs to operate in many similar challenging conditions, littered with mud, dust and debris, extreme hot and cold temperatures, rain and sometimes corrosive chemicals, long periods of inactivity followed by intense operation, rising fuel costs and new environmental regulations This only complicates matters. With our complete portfolio of bearing standards and customer-specific solutions, you can achieve high reliability, lower lubricant consumption, easier manufacture and less waste at a lower cost of ownership and operating costs.

With our expertise in bearings, seals, lubrication and much more, we help OEMs achieve reliability, safety and environmental goals for a range of machinery applications. Whether it's an integral unit that requires no disassembly and no supplementary lubrication, or a centralised lubrication system that performs lubrication tasks automatically, agricultural solutions are available to meet the industry's growing application needs.

The rapid development and application of agricultural machinery has accelerated the structural innovation of agricultural production operations towards larger, wider, higher speed and higher productivity. Depending on the geographical environment and crop type, agricultural machinery is diverse and plays a vital role in the production process; it also faces the challenge of overcoming environmental variability, extending equipment life, reducing costs and complying with environmental regulations.

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