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Metallurgical industry


There is a wide range of metallurgical equipment, not only for the raw material plant, but also for the steelmaking process, the rolling process, the levelling process and other processes from upstream to downstream. These machines are equipped with a variety of bearings. These bearings are used under the "iron powder", "water" and "heat" conditions that are unique to metallurgical equipment, and they are also subjected to "heavy loads + vibration and shock", "from ultra-low loads" and "from ultra-low loads". " and "from ultra-low to high speed + rapid acceleration/deceleration" in the very harsh conditions they are subjected to.

The steel smelting process is extremely demanding, with equipment operating at temperatures up to 3,000C, loads of 3,000 tonnes, very slow oscillations, peak loads and vibrations, with daily exposure to high temperatures, large amounts of cooling water and high shocks, as well as increasing output requirements and the challenge of maintaining and even improving the quality of the finished product, while operators are also under pressure to cut unit costs, improve product quality and reduce The pressure to cut unit costs, improve product quality and reduce environmental impact is a serious challenge for an industry where reliable and safe production is not easy enough on a daily basis. 

Temperature and speed limits, constant high shock loads, abrasive dust, corrosive chemicals and high humidity - these are the extreme working conditions faced by plants in the metallurgical industry, and it is safe to say that these are challenges rarely found in other industries, causing equipment deterioration, unplanned downtime and making effective maintenance difficult even in the best of circumstances. Environmental and health and safety regulations make environmental protection and employee safety a top priority. 

Under pressure to increase production and improve steel quality, equipment needs to meet the demands for increased dimensional accuracy, improved surface quality, higher steel grades and production speeds, while at the same time overcoming the daily challenges of high precision, high loads, high speeds and aggressive coolants, reducing unscheduled downtime and production interruptions, reducing labour and spare parts costs, extending repair and maintenance intervals, eliminating lubrication points in harsh areas and reducing risks and accidents. manual lubrication, reducing risk and accidents.

Our bearing and lubrication systems protect your equipment from contamination and corrosion, are tailored to your specific needs and can help you adapt and even improve quality, reliability and uptime in the face of increasing production requirements.

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