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Mining machinery


The mining, mineral processing and cement production industries face some of the harsher and more remote working conditions on the planet, with costly unplanned downtime due to high temperatures, contaminants, vibrations, heavy loads and extreme working conditions, so you need equipment you can rely on to face these challenges head on, achieve reliable operation while reducing maintenance costs, reducing safety risks and finding solutions to increase uptime of heavy equipment. Make equipment more resilient and robust, protect equipment bearings from contamination, improve bearing lubrication efficiency and save costs, and extend bearing life in an environmentally friendly way.

Vibrating screens in mineral processing operate under harsh conditions where eccentric movements with high vibration combined with heavy loads can put stress on parts, especially bearings exposed to mineral elements and abrasive dust, and where equipment failure is often seen as a cost to production operations. 

Spherical roller bearings are available in sealed variants to reduce maintenance and increase protection against contamination, they also reduce grease consumption and environmental impact, the wire-cut inner and outer rings reduce discontinuities to a greater extent, this variant has more than twice the service life compared to other split bearings and helps you extend equipment life and uptime, while reducing the cost and safety risks of additional maintenance and repairs.

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