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Technical news
  • What are the causes of bearing excitation and sound


    Many users in the use of bearings have encountered a lot of problems in the use of bearings in the process of many problems, the general mechanical enterprise staff understand the knowledge of bearings, know how to maintain bearings...

  • What are the sequence and steps of bearing precision machining


    When the surface of the grinding stone comes into contact with the convex peaks on the rough raceway surface, due to the small contact area, the force per unit area is relatively large. Under a certain pressure, the grinding stone is first subjected to the...

  • Three solutions for bearing collar failures


    Firstly, accurately measure the size of each defect (asymmetric type) in the part, calculate the small grinding amount (to the finished product size deviation) M, and then offset the center of the part during grinding...

  • Standard rules for fit tolerances of bearings and shafts


    When the inner diameter tolerance zone of the bearing forms a fit with the shaft tolerance zone, the tolerance code of the transition fit in the general basic hole system will become an over fit...

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